As a Project Manager, you will be in charge of the following:

1. Account Management:

a. Client Brief (TBC)

b. Manage Client relationship

i. Contracts & Timelines

ii. Reports

iii. Meetings

iv. Variations & Cost tracking

c. Manage Vendors relationships

2. Project delivery:

a. Managing project budget:

i. Review preliminary costing (in liaison with Costing)

ii. Review detail project BoQ

iii. Manage project margin

iv. Manage vendor selection

v. Manage Material schedules and Labor schedules (Contract Management)

vi. Manage variation process

vii. Manage vendor selection

viii. Manage ordering / procurement process (POs, payment, reception etc.)

ix. Manage CF process (AFPs, Invoices, payment collection, CF forecast)

b. Managing project documentation:

i. Planning stage:

a. Manage Risk Register

ii. Execution stage:

iii. Closing stage:

a. Snags List

b. Handover

c. Managing project timelines

i. Determining appropriate construction methods

ii. Initial PoW

iii. Manage EoT process

d. Manage Project Compliance

i. Health & safety

ii. Building regulations

iii. Building standards

e. Managing Project Quality:

i. Review and validate construction drawings

ii. Manage Construction Supervisor

iii. Provide Technical solutions to site issues

iv. Ensure consistency between drawings and build